"Reducing the burden" is a good strategy to protect Huzhou industry“

Huzhou daily, version B01, industrial city, date: September 1, 2016 Author: Source: news from our newspaper

Reporter Shao Ding this news reduces the enterprise production cost is one of the main tasks of the supply side structural reform. At the beginning of this year, our city issued 36 articles on reducing enterprise cost and reducing enterprise burden in Huzhou City, focusing on reducing burden and providing convenience for enterprise development in tax, energy, land cost and financing. This gold policy strongly supports the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the city's real economy. "Real gold and silver" helps enterprises to develop rapidly and make them light, the key is to reduce the cost burden of enterprises. The adjustment of the policy in the thirty six articles of reducing the burden has injected a lot of strength into the enterprises. According to statistics, in the first half of the year, 7 billion yuan of all kinds of costs were reduced for enterprises, including 4.136 billion yuan of export tax rebate, 1.243 billion yuan of income tax reduction, 589 million yuan of value-added tax reduction, 159 million yuan of vehicle purchase tax reduction, 86 million yuan of consumption tax reduction, 180 million yuan of enterprise burden reduction due to the price reduction of electricity, gas and energy, and 118 million yuan of land use tax reduction according to the tax assessment of per mu production. As the main tax department, the city's State Administration of Taxation reduced the income tax by 120.8 billion yuan, the income tax of high-tech enterprises by 680 million yuan, and the income tax of small and low profit enterprises by 85.05 million yuan; the city's Local Taxation Bureau reduced the income tax of high-tech enterprises by 35.16 million yuan, and implemented the enterprise R & D fee plus Deduction Policy of 17.11 million yuan. The city's State Administration of Taxation has also fully implemented the export tax refund (Exemption) policy and completed the work of replacing business tax with vat to expand the scope of official collection. At present, by simplifying the application materials of export tax rebate, the city completed the export tax rebate of 4.136 billion yuan in the first half of the year. At present, the overall operation of business to value-added tax reform in the city is stable and orderly. The pilot project of "business to value-added tax reform" launched in an all-round way involves the construction industry, real estate industry, financial industry and life service industry, with 36447 taxpayer households. The municipal and local taxation bureaus play the role of Finance and taxation, reducing and remitting 55.08 million yuan of real estate tax and 7.6 million yuan of employment security fund for the disabled according to law. The work of fee reduction is the main direction of the Municipal Finance Bureau. From April 1, 2016, the local water conservancy construction fund collected by the bureau from enterprises, institutions and self-employed operators was collected at 70% of the existing rate, and the reduction of 17.09 million yuan was realized from May to June. In addition, for the first large-scale enterprises, the local water conservancy construction fund was reduced by half. In the first half of the year, a total of 84 households were reduced by 2.47 million yuan. In terms of electricity consumption, the municipal development and Reform Commission and State Grid Huzhou Power Supply Company actively implemented the electricity price policy of provincial departments. From January 1, 2016, the price of general industrial and commercial electricity decreased by 4.47 points per kWh. As of June, after the price adjustment, the general industrial and commercial power consumption reached 1.824 billion kwh, and the total cost of electricity to general industrial and commercial users was reduced by nearly 81.5325 million yuan. State Grid Huzhou Power Supply Company also actively implemented this year's pilot project of 35kV and above industrial enterprises participating in the direct transaction between provincial power users and power generation enterprises. In the first half of this year, there were 20 direct transaction users in Huzhou area, which have completed the optimization and daily operation and maintenance work, orderly promoted the construction of government service network, and realized the special circumstances of administrative licensing and other power matters in the city, except for the provisions All of them are effectively connected with Zhejiang government affairs service network data to achieve one-stop online operation. In the first half of this year, the city has handled 119662 applications in total, with a completion rate of 100% on time. Among the 670 online application items, 208 items have been implemented through process reengineering, accounting for 31%. Nearly 2000 application forms in electronic format have been provided, reducing the number of times that the clerks have arrived at the office more than 2000 times. At the same time, through strengthening the management of public resource transaction, our city also promotes free download of transaction documents, innovation of margin mode, promotion of "Internet +" mode, etc., to realize the joint guarantee of annual margin for more than 100 enterprises bidding, and to save 500 yuan per set of bidding document production cost for enterprises by electronic bidding. In addition, in the first half of the year, our city also halved the transaction service fee for the demolition and resettlement housing, low rent housing, affordable housing, Yi Village resettlement project, industrial project productive housing and other construction projects, with a total free transaction service fee of more than 70000 yuan: to ensure the smooth financing of enterprises is the key area of our city's service enterprises. This year, the municipal financial office has played a leading role in the annual assessment, business style review and other aspects, urged banking institutions to earnestly implement relevant policy requirements, actively reduce loan interest rates, clean up unreasonable charges, clean up unnecessary capital "channel" and "bridge" links, and effectively reduce the financing cost of real enterprises. From January to may, the weighted average interest rate of the city's banking institutions' loans was 6.11%, down 0.87% year on year, and the financial expenses of the city's Industrial Enterprises above the designated level were down 10.1% year on year. ▲ ▲ (next to version B2)


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