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Huzhou daily A03 news of the city date: December 28, 2015 Author: Source: news from our newspaper

I hope my employees can take "green net" as their second home, rather than just a simple employment relationship, so as to give full play to their maximum efficiency. "Qiu Jianqiang said. In "green clean", due to the limited number of front-line employees, it is often necessary for the employees of three workshops to work together to complete a job, and everyone has a tacit understanding. Zhou Guoping said with a smile that under this cooperation mode, the identity of the commander often changes. "In the last step, you are the project commander, and maybe in the next step, you are the person under command. You can fully play the strengths of each employee according to the technical field." Because the front-line employees often have more practical experience, in "green net", the senior management is always willing to listen to the suggestions of the employees. In such a harmonious communication mode, front-line employees often come up with some "golden ideas". Qiu Xueliang is the director of the rolling workshop of the enterprise. After a communication with Zhao Xiaoquan, the director of the stretching workshop, they boldly proposed to the management to improve the one-time drafting technology, which reduced the error rate of uniformity of the products produced after that by 5%. In the production workshop of the enterprise, it can often be seen that a group of employees gather around a display board for discussion during the lunch break. This is the Kanban management system launched by the enterprise. By comparing the photos of inferior products and high-quality products, the new employees can see clearly. At the same time, the old employees and management personnel will also show their own experiences and teach them on site. "With the on-site graphic interpretation and the guidance of senior managers, young employees are often able to better understand some concepts." Huang Wei, director of the compound production workshop, said. In the "green clean" sales system, this form of flexible operation according to the actual situation can also be reflected. At present, the company has two sales departments of filter material and filter bag. "Because the filter bag sales are finished product sales, compared with raw material sales, the customer's requirements are higher, so we also classify according to the actual situation." Xue Feng, sales director, said, "we will tailor filter bags for different customers according to their industry needs, and have specific plans in parameters, process and later maintenance."

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